Seq 2020.2 is released 🎉

We're working on a new six-weekly release cadence, so Seq 2020.2 is here six weeks after 2020.1.

Download Seq 2020.2 now, or docker pull datalust/seq:latest.

Improved structured data viewer 💡

Easily search for properties inside of nested objects with Seq 2020.2's enhanced structured data viewer (#1014).
You can also copy nested objects as raw JSON or searchable values, or copy the property path onto your clipboard.

Animated demonstration of inspecting a array of coffee orders in Seq by expanding and collapsing the JSON objects, and searching by ProductCode

Add comments to queries 💬

Seq 2020.2 supports comments in search expressions and queries, using SQL-style -- notation  (#1010). Saving queries also saves the comments!

Screenshot of a Seq query "select CustomerId, OrderId Total from stream..." with comments, for example "-- soy latte"

Minor enhancements

  • Content-Security-Policy is always set on the Seq application root page. #974
  • Support secure attribute in cookies. #999
  • The default "Overview" dashboard can be edited by all users on new Seq instances. #981
  • Support for running within Windows containers or under Hashicorp Nomad. #998
  • Attempts to create API keys with duplicate tokens are prevented. #1005
  • Detect users' OS preference for dark or light themes when first logging into Seq. #996
  • Confirm password field added to Seq administrator setup (Windows only). #1018
  • Limit Seq cache size when available RAM is less than 4GiB. #1020
  • Recover from internal document store corruption after Windows 10 2004 update. #1015

Bug fixes

  • Query parallelism maximum threads constrained at number of available logical CPUs. #1017
  • Pressing the enter key while editing Custom Filter and Applied Properties inputs (e.g. for API keys or input apps) no longer prematurely saves changes. #980
  • @Document, FromJson() and ToJson() evaluate correctly when querying from-disk data. #1013
  • Server starts up correctly first time, when upgrading from Seq 4.x to 2020.2. #1006
  • @Properties['<some keyword>'] search expression no longer fails. #1000

We'd love your feedback!

If there are any bug fixes or enhancements you'd like to see in future releases, you can submit an issue to seq-tickets repository on GitHub.

Happy logging!

Larene Le Gassick

Software engineer at Datalust, creators of Seq.