Maintenance Release 5.1.3200

Seq 5.1.3200 is a new in-place update for Seq 5.1 that addresses a handful of bugs, and closes some small feature gaps. Binaries are available from the Seq downloads page, and container images from Docker Hub.

Directly download newline-delimited JSON

Continuing with our effort to support one JSON format everywhere, events can now be exported directly from the UI in newline-delimited compact JSON ('CLEF') format.

Seq screenshot showing JSON export menu item

This makes it super easy to import events into another Seq server using seqcli ingest --json, or to feed them through many other JSON-driven tools and libraries.

seqcli updates

The bundled version of seqcli has been updated, bringing a bunch of new capabilities and bug fixes:

  • Commands like seqcli ingest now support * wildcards in filenames
  • The seqcli app run command makes development and debugging of Seq Apps easier
  • Argument quoting in the datalust/seqcli Docker image has been fixed so that docker run datalust/seqcli log -m "Hello, world!" works properly on more platforms

There are a few other changes noted in the tracking item.

Cross-platform backup and restore

With Docker deployments picking up steam, we've been asked increasingly often about Windows → Docker migration. In 5.1.3200, backups created on Windows can be fully-restored on Docker/Linux, and vice-versa.

Bug fixes


Seq 5.1.3200 is an in-place update: running the MSI or re-launching your Docker container will take care of everything.

Full details of what's included are in the release milestone on GitHub.

As always, we're reachable here and via if you need any help upgrading.

Happy logging!

Nicholas Blumhardt

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