Introducing Datalust Accounts

Today, we're introducing Datalust Accounts: a simple new facility that provides easy access to Seq license certificates and invoices.

Datalust Account login screen

Datalust Accounts are an important step towards streamlining how Seq licenses are managed.

When purchasing or renewing a Seq license, you'll now be presented with a request to sign in, or create a new Datalust Account:

Datalust Account creation step 1

Datalust Accounts can be created using GitHub, Microsoft, or Google authentication. These providers all support multi-factor authentication and we recommend using one of them. If that's not possible, passwordless magic-link-based email sign-in is also supported.

Datalust Account creation step 2

Licenses are associated with the account, and will be displayed after logging back in:

Account homepage showing Seq licenses

In the coming months we'll be building on the foundation of Datalust Accounts to improve your experience using Seq. Stay tuned!

Nicholas Blumhardt

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