Maintenance Release 5.1.3118

Seq 5.1.3118 is a straightforward in-place update that fixes several issues in earlier 5.x builds. Binaries are now available from the Seq downloads page and from Docker Hub.

The drivers for releasing this patch ahead of the original scheduled date are a pair of bugs in the NuGet v3 package installation process, and an issue that would cause custom inputs (including health checks and GELF ingestion) to stop processing events after certain error conditions.

Along with these, 5.1.3118 now enables both v2 and v3 NuGet package feeds on Windows and Linux (previous support was limited to v2 on Windows and v3 on Linux). Seq will use the presence of /v2/ or /v3/, or /index.json at the end of a feed URL to determine which protocol to use.

Also included in the release is an "expander" to show structured values embedded in log events as indented/pretty-printed JSON as an alternative to the compact, inline, view:

JSON Expander

Full details are in the release milestone on GitHub.

If you need any assistance with the update, please get in touch via

Happy logging!

Nicholas Blumhardt

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