Seq 5.1 Plans

Seq 5.1 is on its way! Version 5.0 was a major turning point for Seq, and we're still coming to terms with everything we »

Collecting Docker logs with Seq

Docker's built-in logging infrastructure takes STDOUT and STDERR from a running container, and sends each line of text to one of several logging drivers. This makes »

Seq 5 Released

Today we're excited to take the wraps off Seq 5, a major update to our much-loved log server — bringing faster storage and lower resource requirements, support »

Rust at Datalust

At Datalust we build a log server called Seq. It's really a database, written in C#, with its own SQL-based query language, that's specifically designed for »

Parsing plain-text logs with `seqcli`

Plain-text logs are still with us! — Although newline-delimited JSON is, thankfully, an increasingly common format for log files and streams, painting a complete picture of a »