What's coming in Seq 2021.3?

We're only two weeks away from the release of Seq 2021.3, on October 26th! The latest preview build is feature-complete, so now's a great time to share an update on what you can look forward to in this release.

2021.3 is, quite frankly, huge. Earlier this year, we decided to break with our six week release cadence to make room in this release for some big changes:

New, completely rewritten Alerts — We've reimagined Seq Alerts as a fully-fledged, top-level feature. Alerts now get their own status-oriented dashboard, a much better editing experience, and rich, multi-channel notifications.

Disaster recovery instances — Reliably and securely replicate all data from your Seq instance to a second node, preventing data loss even in the face of a total machine failure.

Zero-downtime upgrades — Fail over to a second Seq instance to upgrade or perform maintenance on the first, all the while seamlessly ingesting live data and serving user queries.

Improvements under Docker — Seq 2021.3 plays much more nicely with the Linux kernel's virtual memory manager, improving performance and stability. The datalust/seq Docker container now natively supports TLS, strengthening security and in some cases avoiding the need for a reverse proxy. Managing Seq on Docker is made easier with init script support and a simplified shell entrypoint.

PostgreSQL metadata storage 2021.3 adds PostgreSQL (alongside MSSQL and the embedded metadata store) as a robust option for storing Seq's internal configuration.

But, there's a lot more: bug fixes, query language improvements, a nicer search bar layout, icon updates, better secret storage, a dedicated /health endpoint, new seqcli features, millisecond precision in the date range picker… 🚀

While development is wrapping up, we'd still love to hear your feedback and questions, so that we can make the release as polished and approachable as possible. To try the latest preview, either docker pull datalust/seq:preview, or download the preview Windows installer from https://datalust.co/download.


Nicholas Blumhardt

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