Seq with ASP.NET Core at dotnetConf

Thanks to the excellent support for ASP.NET Core in Serilog, Seq is pretty amazing in combination with the new ASP.NET libraries.

In the very first session after the keynote at Microsoft's dotnetConf we were delighted see ASP.NET Core, Serilog and Seq in action.

ASP.NET Core Deep Dive

The talk by Glenn Condron is titled ASP.NET Core – deep dive on building a real website with today’s bits. Serilog and Seq are introduced into the solution at 25:50.

If you've followed the evolution of logging in ASP.NET Core you'll know that a tremendous amount of effort has gone into it both from the teams at Microsoft and through community efforts. The smooth, tightly-integrated experience showcased in Glenn's talk has us convinced that the end result is spot on.

Nicholas Blumhardt

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