Seq 2020.3 is released πŸŽ‰

This release improves stability for Seq customers using Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication. We've also made some much-anticipated changes to live tailing to make it more responsive and easier to follow.

Download Seq 2020.3 now, or docker pull datalust/seq:latest

Improved live tailing πŸ•

New events in tail (auto-refresh) mode are easier to see, with a background highlight that fades (#939), and a shorter interval between refreshes while new events are appearing! (#940)

Seq in Live Tail or Autorefresh mode, demonstrating the refresh interval shortening to 0.5 seconds when there are new events.
Seq in live tail mode, demonstrating the refresh interval shortening to 0.5 seconds when there are new events.

Other fixes and enhancements

  • The event Type menu now includes a Copy value command for easier searching (#1035)
  • Internal error telemetry (if enabled) now includes the SourceContext property Β (#1025)
  • The UI no longer hangs intermittently when Azure Active Directory session tokens are refreshed (#1023)
  • OpenID Connect now properly sets the callback redirect URI when BASE_URI or api.canonicalUri are specified (#1039)
  • The ci modifier now also works for regular expression operations (#1033)
  • Using the tick/cross shortcuts on properties with names that happen to be keywords now uses the correct @Properties['<keyword>'] escape syntax (#1031)
  • order by now correctly fails instead of instead of truncating the result set when the default row limit is exceeded and no limit n clause is specified in the search query (#1024)
  • Invalid API keys are now masked when recorded in the Ingestion Log (#1026)
  • The minimum free disk space threshold increased from 128MB to 1GB, to properly allow for retention policy processing when disk space is low (#1038)
  • Some minor UI fixes drop down menus and the new structured data viewer (#1037, #1036, #1034, #1032, #1022)

Upgrading from earlier Seq versions

Seq 2020.3 is an in-place update that's highly-compatible with earlier Seq versions. Check the upgrade notes if you're managing a production Seq upgrade.

We'd love your feedback!

If there are any bug fixes or enhancements you'd like to see in future releases, you can submit an issue to seq-tickets repository on GitHub.

Happy logging! 😎

Larene Le Gassick

Software engineer at Datalust, creators of Seq.