Say hello to Seq 1.5!

TL;DR: Seq 1.5 is out!

This release focuses strongly on performance and manageability. We've touched nearly every point of the lifecycle that events pass through when they're logged to Seq:

  • See the source of incoming events - enhancements to API keys make it possible to see the rate of events logged under each key
  • Control the rate of incoming events - API keys can now be given a "minimum level", that will filter events as they come in, as well as actually instruct the Serilog sink to perform filtering before hitting the network
  • Get query results faster - the caching layer in Seq has been redesigned to give up to 10x faster query performance and much better responsiveness under load
  • Manage storage easily - instead of one huge file on disk, Seq splits storage into 7-day extents that can be moved or deleted independently
  • Remove events more efficiently - retention policies need less CPU and run faster
  • Reclaim disk space - empty space in storage files is automatically reclaimed to keep disk usage low without manual compaction

On top of these fundamentals there are a lot of small improvements you'll enjoy. For example: shutdown is faster and more reliable (important if you use Seq on a dev machine); collections attached to events can be queried; it's possible to manually delete events... and plenty more.

There's one important thing to note - upgrading to the new storage subsystem can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, so plan to upgrade when this isn't going to cause headaches. As always, if you hit any problems at all during the upgrade process get in touch via Support for help.

Version 1.5 is a huge leap forwards for Seq - download it now from the website and let us know if you agree!