2022.1.7647 maintenance release

We've just published a new patch for Seq 2022.1, including a number of bug fixes, and support for the ECR Public Gallery.

This release is the first to be published to the ECR Public Gallery, along with Docker Hub:

Screenshot of the datalust/seq repository README on the ECR Public Gallery.

Pulling the image from ECR will improve start times and avoid network-related problems for Seq customers who host the Seq container in AWS.

What's included?

Below you'll find the closed tickets in the 2022.1 patch 2 milestone from our GitHub tracker.

  • Publish to the ECR Public Gallery (#1581) - Seq's official Docker image is now available as datalust/seq on the ECR Public Gallery; future releases will ship to ECR and Docker Hub simultaneously.
  • UTC support in timeseries charts (#1584) - when Show timestamps in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is selected, timeseries charts now use UTC for x (time) axis labels.
  • Fix entry of UTC dates/times in FROM and TO datepickers (#1551) - fixes manual date/time entry when Show timestamps in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is selected.
  • Support reading PostgreSQL and SQL Server connection strings from STDIN when converting from the embedded metastore (#1550).
  • Allow configuration or disabling of Kestrel's MinRequestBodyDataRate (#1565) - prevents connection drops and spurious error log entries for slow clients.
  • Ignore Seq.json secret encryption key when specified elsewhere (#1555) - avoids unnecessary startup errors when the encryption key is specified in an environment variable or through a provider, if the key in Seq.json is unable to be read.
  • Fix formatting of AM/PM timestamps (#1558) - avoid wrapping on some dates/times when Prefer AM/PM timestamps is selected.
  • Fix URL prefix reservation on Windows when seq service install --listen is supplied a URL without an explicit port (#1566).
  • Don't show an error message when the user cancels a search or query (#1534) - no error has occurred, in this case.


This maintenance release is a highly-compatible in-place upgrade.

Download Seq 2022.1.7647 from datalust.co/download, or pull datalust/seq from Docker Hub or the ECR Public Gallery.

Nicholas Blumhardt

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