Welcome to the team, Larene Le Gassick!

This week at Datalust, we welcomed our new software engineer, Larene Le Gassick, to the team!

Larene has been a longtime user of Seq in her work as a product engineer and consultant, previously at ThoughtWorks, and as a full time engineer at various startups and companies. She's excited to join the team at Datalust, where Seq is the perfect combination of her love for user experience, developer experience, and data.

Larene is a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies specializing in Accessibility and Inclusive Design, and an ambassador for YOW! Conferences. She has organized Women Who Code Brisbane for the last five years - a monthly meetup showcasing inspiring women in tech, and is a conference speaker herself. She's looking forward to diving into Rust, and building products to help fellow engineers have better observability into their apps.

Here's the team celebrating in our favorite way - with donuts 🍩

Pictured: The Datalust team – Larene, Susan, Ashley, Nick sitting on a couch eating donuts

Susan Blumhardt

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