The new JSON Archive app

Seq can archive events for long-term storage to a set of regular log files, either directly to a SAN or to somewhere that a background task can pick them up and send them to off-site storage.

The Seq.App.FileArchive app is normally put to work for this, but the archive files it produces are plain-text logs: while they do provide a useful archive of event data, they can't be easily queried or imported back into Seq for analysis.

JSON Archive app

The Seq JSON Archive app is a newer alternative that's not yet widely-known. Its purpose is to store events in lossless, newline-delimited JSON streams that programs such as clef-tool can easily manipulate.

It's already a viable replacement for the older file archive app, which we're expecting it will completely replace in the future.

The app package id is Seq.App.JsonArchive. We'd love to have your feedback if you decide to try it out!