Seq 3.0.28-pre – Collapsible Signal Bar, New Configuration System and more

What we expect is the final pre-release version of Seq 3.0 is now on the downloads page. This version includes many improvements across the board:

  • The Signal Bar is now collapsible, saving screen real-estate on small displays
  • Configuration has been centralised and simplified with a single Seq.json file
  • Time-based SQL queries can now choose chronological or reverse-chronological order using order by time asc | desc syntax
  • Write throughput on I/O starved machines can now opt-in to buffered transactions, aka lazy commits to improve performance (Settings > System > Allow buffered writes)
  • The seq install command now accepts a user account to run the service under (instead of Local System), and configures permissions appropriately
  • Common mistakes in SQL queries are now detected and corrected versions are suggested
  • Several more small improvements and bug fixes have made it in this time

Yes, it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

Seq 3.0.28-pre

We’d love to have your feedback on Seq 3.0.28-pre, please get in touch here, on Twitter or GitHub to share your experiences.

Nicholas Blumhardt

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