Seq 2023.4 Maintenance Release

We've just released Seq 2023.4.10219 with some improvements to the new range selector, along with a handful of bug fixes.

Seq User Preferences screen with new Range selector options input, showing "5m, 15m, 1h, 1d, 7d, 30d, 90d, 365d"
The new "Range selector options" setting; this is perfect if you find that you frequently need ranges such as "2d" that are not in the default set.

You can find the new Windows installer at, or pull datalust/seq:latest from Docker Hub or AWS ECR.

  • Customizable "last x" range selector options - the set of "last x" intervals can now be configured in user preferences (#1954)
  • "From now" range selector option - choosing From now in the range selector drop-down will set the search "from" date to the current time (#1954)
  • Dashboards remember last-used range and grouping - addresses a regression in 2023.4 where dashboards would not remember the previously-chosen range and time groupings (#1945)
  • Cluster page diagnostic improvements - node synchronization status and error log now reported in more detail (#1970)
  • Histogram should be disabled in "All time" view (#1965)
  • App instance debounce window not saved (#1968)
  • Seq cluster node setup commands do not read secret key from environment (#1966)
  • Switching dashboards is slower than expected in Seq 2023.4.* (#1971)

This maintenance release rolls up a number of smaller patches that have shipped since 2023.4. It's a great time to update!

Nicholas Blumhardt

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