Seq 2021.2 release notes 🎉

Today we're pleased to take the wraps off of Seq 2021.2, which you can download from, or pull from Docker Hub as datalust/seq:latest.

Inside you can find:

  • datepart() has (finally!) been added to the Seq query language! — This will be super handy for you if you need to trigger alerts only on specific days, or at specific times. There are some details in the new documentation on Working with Dates and Times, and we have another short blog post coming up that introduces the new features.
  • offsetin() is a new companion function to datepart(), which computes the offset from UTC in a specified time zone, at a given moment.
  • Duration literals have been made a little friendlier; instead of 36h, or 90m, for example, you can now write a duration in multiple parts - 1d12h, and 1h30m.
  • A new option Prefer yyyy-mm-dd time formatting under your user preferences will switch the way dates are presented in searches and query results.
  • Seq has been updated to use .NET 5.0.4, which includes a fix for the remote code execution vulnerability CVE-2021-26701.

You'll also find some small bug fixes, and the release also includes a number of changes that went out earlier in the 2021.1.5425 patch.

Beginning with Seq 2021.3 next month, we're going to tune our six-week release cycle to provide more opportunities for feedback on some bigger features we're working on. The next six-weekly release will be a preview 2021.3-pre build around May 4th, and six weeks on from that, we'll publish the full RTM on June 15th. Stay tuned! 😎

Nicholas Blumhardt

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