Incoming events are easier to manage in Seq 1.5

Seq 1.5 is just around the corner. It's the biggest improvement we've made to the product since 1.0, with a major storage overhaul that makes Seq both faster and easier to manage.

You can install the latest preview build to see what we mean. (Allow some time for the upgrade, which currently requires some downtime while events are migrated.)

Along with a lot of behind-the-scenes work, 1.5 has a focus on manageability. One improvement you'll like is that it's much easier to see how much data is coming into Seq, and from where:

You'll notice not only can you see how many events are arriving under a specific API key, you can now dial input up and down based on level, in addition to the ad-hoc filter we've supported since Seq 1.4.

While filtering based on level is handy, conserving network resources means it's also important to adjust the logging level dynamically at the client; when Seq 1.5 ships, we'll also provide an update to the Serilog.Sinks.Seq package that will use the API key's logging level in Seq to dynamically filter log events before they're sent over the network.

Nicholas Blumhardt

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