Featured Customer: Stayhard - Mens Style Online

We are delighted by the wide variety of businesses using Seq. This year we will be featuring some of our customers here, to share their experiences adopting Seq and structured logging.

This post was kindly provided by Kristoffer Jansson, Solutions Manager/IT Strategist at Stayhard AB.

Stayhard AB is a men’s fashion retailer in the Nordics. The cloud-based e-commerce solution integrates the website with ERP, search, and external marketplaces.

We use Seq for all our logging. We strive to have every log message routed to our central Seq instance. This is extremely valuable when troubleshooting problems that may span over multiple applications on several machines.

Apart from troubleshooting, having a single place to look for platform health is also very beneficial. We have one place to look for performance, errors, and tracing user behaviour.

Before we found Seq we used desktop software for managing log files, which was pretty good but meant you had to spend most of your time loading large log files into the application before you could search them. In early 2013 we experimented with building our own web-based solution for centrally managing logs. Basically we knew we wanted Seq before we found it, and when we found it we knew that it was what we wanted! It’s just great that we didn’t have to build it ourselves :-)

Nicholas Blumhardt

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