Featured Customer: Precision Discovery

Our series focusing on the exciting variety of businesses that use Seq continues this week with Precision Discovery.

Precision Discovery is an industry leader in legal discovery, and is proud to be the first and only Discovery Services and Software firm that is 100% employee-owned. We offer a full suite of discovery offerings including eDiscovery, managed review, computer forensics and cutting edge software solutions.

The development team at Precision Discovery works on a wide range of projects, from custom utilities written for a single client, to large distributed systems that run our company-wide operations. Effective logging has always been a primary go-to solution for tracking and fixing issues in a timely manner.

As the complexity of our applications has grown, we have standardized on Serilog and Seq to generate and collect log events across all applications. Seq's ability to take advantage of Serilog's structured events to provide powerful filtering and query capabilities was one of the key reasons for selecting it.

Seq has enabled us to much more effectively diagnose problems in our system by aggregating logs in a single location and providing the UI to analyze and sort through the data. By including a few key pieces of metadata in our logs, we are able to trace events across multiple servers and observe interactions of systems with each other. In the past few years, Seq has saved us countless hours of debugging.

To find out more about Precision Discovery visit our web site at http://precisiondiscovery.com

Precision Discovery

This post was kindly written by Ali Sanjabi, Technical Director at Precision Discovery.

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