3.3 release schedule update

Last week we wrote a brief post showing off some of the UX improvements coming in Seq 3.3, which we'd planned to release in late September 2016.

We've received a lot of positive feedback on these and other changes since then, and so we've decided to split the 3.3 release and get the completed improvements into everyone's hands sooner, while the remaining things we're working on will form the basis of 3.4.

If you run Seq on a development or non-production server, Seq 3.3.12-pre is a great build to try, and includes:

  • A new syntax-highlighted filter bar
  • Saved, shared SQL queries
  • Multi-line SQL editing
  • Support for a more compact JSON event format (requires Serilog.Sinks.Seq 3.x)
  • UI refinements and bug fixes

Our aim is now to have a final build ready by the end of August. Any feedback you can share with us via the issue tracker, here, or in our Gitter chat would be appreciated.